Jumping Origami Frog

Though it’s a subtle difference, I realized nobody else makes origami jumping frogs in quite the same way as I was taught.  More accurately, there are no tutorials on the internet that show the folds I’m used to.  It’s the same situation for origami cranes, although I think my brother and I made up folds when we were kids.

Origami is an art form that creates 3D figures through folding paper.  I’ve know how to make frogs since I was a kid but I am, or was, in need of an origami frog tutorial to share with a group of people with whom I’m making a project for the 2012 edition of Scotia Bank’s Nuit Blanche.  This same group and I made paper cranes for NB 2010, paper butterflies for NB 2011, and the background of this image.  (The background is a water lily pad done with chalk on pavement).

It’s interesting to make a manual.  You have to work hard to overlook your own knowledge about the subject to ensure a third party can make heads and tails of it.  Despite the work and effort, I’m glad there is a version of the folds I know out there now.  This whole thing is from scratch and took a solid day of work.


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